Customised Product


     We also do the customised project to fulfill customer's requirement.

     C.E Hydraulic Rotatary Cylinders are designed to work at high operating pressures. These Cylinders are dynamically balanced and are capable of rotating at high speeds.

     Hydraulic Rotary Cylinders are suitable for operating Hydraulic Chuck or Collets. This cylinder is mounted on the back side of spindle and it operates the chuck or collet through a draw bar attached with piston rod of cylinder.

     C.E offers on request Hydraluylic Rotary Cylinders with safety non return valve which maintains the clamping pressure in the event of an emergency caused by loss of hydraulic pressure or failure of hydraulic hose.

     C.E Provides on request a stroke control unit with the hydrulic cylinder. This wiill help to monitor the stroke of the cylinder.

     Thus, it will be seen the C.E hydraulic rotating Cylinders are most reliable,highly efficent to deliver maximum Results.

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